The Whiskystats Price Update for June 2019

26. July 2019 | 1.3K Views

The Islay price race came to an abrupt halt. Aside from one exception, all our top 15 distillery indices lost ground this month. A Game of Thrones release continues to be the most traded whisky on the market. Late but great, our Price Update for June 2019! 

With more than 13.000 observed trades June was the most active month in the second quarter of 2019. Almost exactly 10.000 of these bottles were original bottlings. After our Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) reached a new all-time peak in May 2019, it now lost 1,6% to land at 209,14 index points.
A look at our region indices unveils were this movement may come from. While Speyside and the Highlands staid relatively unchanged, it was the Islands, the Lowlands but especially Islay that lost ground. After our Islay index increased by 25% from November 2018 to May 2019 the 100 most traded Islay bottlings now lost 7% in value within a single month! Some of those Islay bottlings that lost value can be found among our Fabulous Fifty collection.
Fab50 June 2019
Take the Ardbeg Provenance (1st Release) as an example. In May it traded for almost 3.800 Euros but now it dropped to 2.700 Euros at Similar is true for the Bunnahabhain Auld Acquaintance which dropped from 2.100 to 1.800 Euros. Overall it seems as our Fab50 collection does pretty well as the total collection of 50 bottles is now worth more than 122.000 Euros. It seems like the collection gained significantly early this year for which bottles like the Black Bowmore Final Edition, which traded for almost 15.000 Euros in January 2019, are responsible.

Lone Warrior

If we look at our monthly updated distillery ranking we note that out of the top 15 distilleries only one index gained in value. All others lost quite significantly with Ardbeg (-5,14%) and Bowmore (-3.12%), the drivers of the now interrupted Islay price race, leading the way. The one distillery that does stand out is Hanyu, as the most traded Hanyu bottlings gained 15% this month. So let’s have a look which whiskies are responsible for this.
Hanyu Caber Tossing
The prime Hanyu value gainer of this month is the Hanyu Full Proof (Caber Tossing) release. Only last month, in May 2019, one of the once existing 204 bottles traded for 2.600 Euros. This month the price tag exceeded 6.000 Euros at Many of the other Hanyu value drivers come from the Ichiro´s Playing Card series. The Seven of Clubs is trading for 5.000 Euros again. The Coloured Joker climbed to 2.850 Euros and the Eight of Hearts jumped to almost 7.000 Euros this month.

Remarkable Trades

As we have seen, quite some whiskies lost in value this month. A remarkable example for this is the Glenmorangie Single Cask 5979. This Highland single malt gained massively in February 2019 as it was sold for 1.000 Euros. However, it now dropped back to around 300 Euros. Also the Braevel Boutique-y Whisky Batch 2 is trading for a humble 50 Euros now. When we look at the most traded whiskies of June 2019 we find many familiar names at the top. At the very top we find another value looser, the Clynelish House Tyrell Game of Thrones edition. Uppon release prices for this very hyped whisky went as high as 300 Euros. The 102 trades of June 2019 now averaged to 50 Euros.
Clynelish House Tyrell
But we also want to point out some value gainers of this month. On top of this list, there is the Yamazaki Single Cask cm700012. This 15yo 1998 vintage traded for 800 Euros in February 2015 and now sold for 6.000 Euros. There is also the Clynelish Single Cask 5641 which now trades for more than 3.000 Euros. And finally, we find the Glenfiddich 29yo (1956) release. All the way back in March 2011 this whisky was available on auctions for 800 Euros. Now, more than eight years later, someone paid 4.500 Euros to add it to her or his collection.
Do also recheck on your personal collections to find out how these latest market movements affected the whiskies you own or monitor!

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