The Whiskystats Price Update for March 2020

13. April 2020 | 4.1K Views

After huge gains in January and February, March saw prices decline, a bit. The Ardbeg Blaaack Committee Reserve arrived on auctions and we take a look at the Archival Folio 5 again. Here is our Price Update for March 2020. 

Due to the extraordinary circumstances, postponed their auction. This is why our price observations for March 2020 come solely from and Nevertheless, we saw more than 8.400 bottles of whisky changing their owner.
Our Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) reached a peak in July 2019 at around 217 points. Throughout the rest of 2019 it then dropped back all the way below 200 points again. January and February 2020 then saw a strong increase with a new all-time peak reached at 220 points. In the latest round of auctions last week the 500 most traded whiskies lost around 3,2% in value. What caused this small downward movement remains to be observed during the months to come. This will also show if the market establishes this volatile sidewards movement which we observe since mid 2018 or if it breaks out again, in whatever direction.
WWI March 2020 In contrast to the WWI, our Fabulous Fifty collection consists of the same whiskies every month. However, the total worth of these fifty prestigious releases shows a similar pattern as the overall market. Since mid 2018 prices stabilized at a level of around 125 thousand Euros. Our Fab50 index reached its all-time peak in July 2019 and lost 2,6% in the latest round of auctions too. By looking at the bottles included, we notice that the Talisker 20yo 2002 release hasn´t been traded since July 2018. We might need to replace this bottle by another, more frequently traded release from the Islands anytime soon. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below or contact us directly!

Even Setback

Once again we turn our attention to the region indices to find out what caused the decline we have seen above. These indices resamble the change in value of the 100 most traded whiskies from each region. We see that all regions indices are in the reds. Islay, Speyside and the Lowlands all lost around 5%. The most traded Highland releases even gave way more than 6% in value. The best performing regions were Campbeltown and Japan, which lost less than 2% in March. So it seems like this was indeed a downward movement of the whole market rather than some specific subset.
Region indices 202003 This is also backed by our distillery indices. Out of the top fifteen it was only Yamazaki which gained 0,7%. All others lost, some quite significantly. The most traded whiskies from Rosebank, Dalmore and Glendronach all lost more than 7% in value. But then again, these were exactly those distilleries which gained the most in February. Further down the list we find some gains too. Chichibu went up by more than 6%, so did Benromach. Miyagikyo and Yoichi profited from the fact that there were not enough bottles traded for us to calculate an index update, hence they stayed unchanged and did not lose any points.

Remarkable Trades

At last we want to point out some remarkable trades we observed this month. The Macallan Archival Series Folio 5 was again the most traded whisky of them all. The 29 trades averaged to around 565 Euros. However, once again we notice huge differences in prices between the auctioneers. The lots at ranged from 536 to 560 Euros while at prices started at 688 Euros and went all the way to 800 Euros. Even when considering delivery costs, keeping an overview on past auction results across multiple platforms could have saved more than 100 Euros here, at ease. If you think so too, take a look at the Whiskystats Insidership and try it out 30 days for free!
Macallan Archival Folio 5 Also among the most traded whiskies of the month there is the Ardbeg Blaaack Committee Reserve. The 24 trades ranged from 246 to 295 and averaged to 260 Euros. Another bottle we want to point out was the Hanyu Colour Joker which changed ownership for no less than 6.400 Euros! Only a couple of months ago this member of the Hanyu Playing Card series was available for less than 3.000 Euros. In February the price tag jumped to 4.700 Euros and now even surpassed 6.000 Euros. All of these record trades come from one auctioneer alone. One can only wonder if the bidders at the other platforms will follow the way and prices remain at this level or if they fall back again.
Overall it is of course a very special time we all go through and it will be interesting to find out how the secondary whisky market will react to these new conditions. Information will be king, so stay up-to-date and track the value of your personal whisky collection on Whiskystats!