The Whiskystats Price Update for May 2019

13. June 2019 | 2.5K Views

Pushed by Ardbeg and Bowmore the whisky region of Islay continues its strong performance. Our major market index reaches a new all-time peak too. Meanwhile Yamazaki and Game of Thrones dominate the list of the most traded whiskies of the month. 

In May 2019 we observed 11.800 bottles of whisky changing their owner. Almost 6.500 whiskies in our database experienced a price change this month. The 462 Euro per bottle which were paid on average are the highest value we ever witnessed. Likewise our Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) reached 212,5 index points which also marks a new record.
WWI by May 2019 The WWI summarizes the change in value of the 500 historically most traded whiskies each month. It was in October 2018 when this market index reached its last peak at 211 points. Within three months it then lost 6,7% and even dropped below the 200 index points threshold. An increase of +5% in February and now +2,2% in May result in a strong comeback.

Remarkable Islay

When you follow our monthly price updates you will know that Islay whiskies experience great value increases at the moment. When we compare our scotch region indices we see that our Islay region index even overtook its Speyside counterpart in February this year. With now more than 250 index points Islay clearly separates itself from Speyside which itself is slowed down especially by the stabilizing Macallan prices.
Region Indices
To dig deeper we now want to compare the nine distilleries which contribute to our Islay index. And here we get a very nice picture of what is going on on the market. While in the years of 2014 to 2017 it was Port Ellen which experienced the highest gains in value, it now looks like the focus shifted to Bowmore and Ardbeg.
Islay Distilleries
The most traded Bowmore releases gained massively from early 2017 to mid 2018. Then followed what looks like a reasonable market correction as prices seem to stabilize at the moment. At the same time we also observed high value increases for the most traded Ardbegs. Over the last two years, since May 2017, our Ardbeg index gained almost 55%!

Remarkable Trades

At last we also want to point out some very remarkable trades. As mentioned, Yamazaki and the Game of Thrones collection accounted for the most traded whiskies of this month. The Clynelish Game of Thrones (House Tyrell) edition was traded 82 times with prices averaging to 108 Euros. The Yamazaki 12yo and the Yamazaki 18yo complete the podium of the most traded bottles. It seems like prices for the Yamazaki 12yo leveled in at around 120 Euros again after they reached almost 200 Euros only a couple of months ago.
Yamazaki 12yo
The Springbank 28yo (1967) is one of the top value gainers of this month. The last price observation we have for this Campbeltown singe malt comes from October 2013 and was 482 Euros. This whisky now traded for more than 2.200 Euros realizing a 370% increase in value. We haven´t seen the Glenfarclas 38yo (1964) Old Malt Cask release for a long time neither. One of the once existing 342 bottles now traded for 950 Euros.
But not all whiskies gained in value. The Kilkerran 12yo Campbeltown Dinner release traded for 1.300 Euros back in January 2018 and now sold for 430 Euros. The Jim Beam Gold Label dropped from 160 Euros in March 2019 to 35 Euros. Similar is true for the Tullibardine 8yo (2007) Cooper´s Choice which once traded for 160 Euros and now realized only 40 Euros.
Do not forget to recheck on how the value of your personal whisky collections changed this month!

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