The Whiskystats Price Update for November 2015

2. December 2015 | 4.1K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

Every month, thousands of whiskies are sold on auctions. To keep an overview on the secondary whisky market, we summarize the prices we have observed over the last 30 days. So this is the price update for November 2015. 

In total we observed 1548 trades. These prices correspond to 1178 different whiskies in our database. The average price per bottle was just above 300 Euros. This is one of the largest average prices we have observed in the last couple of months. In fact, it is only topped by the 310 Euros in September 2015. The most traded distillery was again Ardbeg, followed by Bowmore and Bruichladdich. Consequently, the whiskies from the isle of Islay were the most traded region group.
The Most Traded Bottles
Like in October 2015, the Ardbeg Perpetuum Bicentenary Release was the most traded whisky. We observed 22 trades in total. These prices ranged from 166 to 208 Euros and averaged to 182 Euros. The first prices we observed for this bottle was in May 2015. From May to August 2015 it was sold for more than 400 Euros. Ever since, the price is on a steady decline. The second most traded whisky of November 2015 is the recent Lagavulin 24yo (Vintage 1991) Feis Ile 2015 bottling. First traded in August this year, the price of this bottle bounced back from an interim high at about 550 Euros in September and October to the initial level of 480 Euros.
Comeback of the Month
The comeback of this month, i.e. the whisky that we haven’t seen the longest, is quite a humble one. The Bowmore 12yo (Vintage 1990) from Cask 960 was first traded back in May 2006 for 47 Euros. That was also the last price we have observed. Now, it popped up on our radar again. With a recorded price of 57 Euros this islay single malt scotch does not seem to attract a big fellowship of whisky enthusiasts.
Newcomers of the Month
The newcomers of a month are the whiskies for which we just observed the second price information and hence were added to our database. In total we added 149 whiskies in this month. The most outstanding newcomer is the Bowmore 35yo (Vintage 1966) bottled by Kingsbury & Co.. We first saw one of these bottles traded in January 2009 for about 660 Euros. It was now sold for more than 4.600 Euros which equals an increase in price of almost 600%! But not all of this months newcomers experienced a gain in value. There is for example the Craigellachie 12yo (Vintage 2002) Dark Treacle Fondant bottled by Wemyss Malts. This limited bottling is just not available on the primary market anymore. About a year ago, it would have cost you around 65 Euros to buy one of these 804 bottles from the whisky retailer of your trust. Last month (October 2015) it showed up on the secondary whisky market for a little more than 100 Euros. This month though, the price went back to the issuing level of around 60 Euros.
Value Gainer
The already mentioned Bowmore 35yo (Vintage 1966) bottled by Kingsbury & Co. is also on top of our Value-Gainer list of November 2015. Also mentionable is the 2nd Release of the Balvenie 16yo Rose original bottling. From August 2010 to November 2013 this whisky was traded on a fairly regular basis. The 14 corresponding prices ranged from 180 Euros to 450 Euros. Since November 2013 we were not able to observe a trade of this whisky. Until now, November 2015, were it was sold for more than 1.200 Euros. This 300% price increase make it the second highest value gainer of this month.
The Return of the Outliers
Our list of the Value-Losers of this month reveals some outliers of the October 2015 price update. The prices from both the Macallan 25yo (Vintage 1958) Anniversary Malt as well as the Glenfiddich 21yo Gran Reserve settled back to the level at which they have been prior to the October auctions. Where the October outlier of the Glenfiddich was only 100 Euros above the regularly traded price level, the price of the Macallan Anniversary Malt dropped back from more than 2.600 Euros to 860 Euros.
Indices Movements
According to our whiskystats region indices, the worth of the 100 most traded Highland and Speyside whiskies climbed by 3 index points. Except for Islay, all the other whisky regions indices lost slightly. From the distillers point of view, the evolution of the Ardmore distilleries’ index is remarkable. With almost 114 points, the 16 included bottles reached it maximum for the time being. Since January 2015, these bottles gained almost 10% in value. We are curious to see if this trend holds on.
So this was a rough summary of what happened on the whisky auctions in the last month. As always, you can find a short overview of the observed prices in our monthly summary analysis.