The Whiskystats Price Update for October 2019

20. November 2019 | 2.5K Views

We have observed some ridiculous prices in a Japan exclusive auction. The overall downward movement of market prices continues while the Macallan Edition No.5 arrived on auctions. Here is the price udpate for October 2019! 

In October 2019 we added almost fifteen thousand price observations to our database. While the average price of 507 Euros per bottle seems very high, we note that this is only due to some extreme trades. The overall price movement went south once more, as indicated by our Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI). For the third month in a row, the 500 most traded whiskies lost value, this time by 2,7%. Since its peak in July 2019, the WWI lost 8,7% as it now fell back to 200 index points.
WWI by October 2019 Like last month we use our region indices to find out that this movement is driven by all scotch whisky regions alike. The most traded Speyside whiskies lost 1,4%, the most traded Highland whiskies 3,7% and the major Islay releases went down in value by 4%. This is the same Islay index that climbed by almost 25% from November 2018 to May 2019. Since then, however, it dropped by 16% again. But actually there is another major region which we want to point out this month, and this is Japan.

Japan Special

So launched an Exclusive Japan Whisky Auction last month with 428 very rare and collectable Japanese single malts on offer. And it seems like that the focus on Japan whiskies paid off, at least for the sellers. Some of the lots reached such high prices that we had a hard time convincing our algorithms that these prices are indeed correct. So no surprise that the October list of top value gainers is dominated by Japanese whiskies, like the below Hanyu Two of Clubs from the Ichiro´s Malt Card series.
Hanyu Two of Clubs The last time we saw this whisky on auction was in June 2018 when it sold for 5500 Euros. It now exploded to almost 40 thousand Euros! The Hanyu Monochrome Joker sold for 55 thousand Euros and the Jack of Spades for 20 thousand Euros. Oh, and one of the rare 1st Editions of the Jack of Clubs changed its owner for more than 71 thousand Euros. But there were plenty other Japanese releases which gained significantly too, like the Yamazaki Owner´s Cask 2s70058 which climbed from 185 Euros (February 2011) to 3500 Euros or the Yamazaki Owner´s Cask 0l3042 which now sold for 2800 Euros.
Japanese Distilleries by October 2019 In above visualization we compared our indices of the Japanese distilleries to each other. Quite obviously the Hanyu index is profiting heavily from the exploding prices for the Malt Card series. Hanyu now tops our distillery ranking as the index climbed by 45% in the last six months. Interestingly, it seems like the most traded Karuizawa bottlings did not experience any gain in value as the index is on a steady decline since the end of 2018. On the other end we see Chichibu charging through the field as it now takes the 30th place in our overall ranking. Since March 2018 our Chichibu index gained a massive 120% and already overtook Miyagikyo and Hakushu.

Macallan Editions

Not long ago the Macallan Edition No.5 was released, obviously the successor to the Editions No.1 to No.4. Soon this release appeared on auctions too, and as it was traded in two different round of auctions now you can also find it in our database. In October 2019 the Edition No.5 was traded no less than 123 times. Those prices averaged to around 133 Euros. This is considerably less than the 290 Euros achieved in September, but those early prices for the latest releases go crazy all the time, and we still haven´t figured out why some bidders would play that game. Macallan Editions by October 2019 Above we compared the historic auction prices of all Macallan “Editions”. Obviously the Edition No.1 is dominating the graph as prices went from below 150 Euros to now almost 900 Euros per bottle. Edition No.2 gained value too, as prices increased from 110 Euros in late 2016 to almost 250 Euros in October 2019. While prices for Edition No.3 bounce back and forth around 150 Euros, Edition No.4 constantly lost value as it now trades for hardly more than 120 Euros.
How did these latest auction results affect the market value of your whisky collection? Find out by tracking the worth of your whiskies on Whiskystats now!

Found in Shops:
Suntory Hakushu 10 Year Old Japanese Single Malt Whisky
70cl / 40.5% - A younger expression of Hakushu, this well-mannered 10yo represents one of the gentlest introductions to the elegant, impeccably-constructed qualities of Japanese malt whisky.
Slightly Underpriced
325 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
360 GBP Estimated Market Value
Macallan Rare Cask Batch No.3 / 2018 Release Speyside Whisky
70cl / 43% / Distillery Bottling - Created to show the complexity and depth that can be achieved through aging, Rare Cask comes from a broad selection of casks, including American oak sherry casks and European oak casks – a large number of which are first-fill. The result is a complex, fruity whisky, with aromas of vanilla, raisins, apples and sweet citrus. The palate offers warming notes of oak, vanilla and chocolate before developing into a lighter, citrus led finish.
Fair Priced
299 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
325 GBP Estimated Market Value
Suntory Hakushu 12 Year Old Japanese Single Malt Whisky
70cl / 43% - A perennial favourite and a must-try for anyone interested in discovering Japanese whisky. Hakushu is owned by Suntory, founders of the first Japanese distillery, Yamazaki.
Fair Priced
175 GBP Shop Price at The Whisky Exchange
165 GBP Estimated Market Value

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