The Whiskystats Price Update for October 2020

19. November 2020 | 2.5K Views

An extra auction draws our attention onto some American whisky. A remarkable number of Caperdonich 1972 bottlings was traded on the same auction while our major indices are all in the greens. Here is the Whiskystats Price Update for October 2020! 

The October round of auctions is traditionally a very strong one and 2020 makes no exception here. We observed almost 18.500 bottles of whisky changing their owner. Our Whiskystats Whisky Index gained 1,09%. The value of our Fabulous 50 collection increased even by 1,83%. Among the most traded brands of the month, we find Buffalo Trace with more than 1.300 bottles. Major reason for this is the Heart & Soul auction held on All these bottles are part of the Pat´s Whisky Collection which is currently sold off over the course of several rounds of auctions.

Performing Americans

Which brings us to American whisky, mostly made from corn or rye and often overlooked by many European whisky collectors. Today we want to point out two brands that keep on gaining momentum on the auction market. These are the bourbons from Eagle Rare and the rye whiskies from Sazerac, both subbrands of Buffalo Trace. Our attention thereby belongs to the regular releases of 17yo from Eagle Rare and 18yo from Sazerac. Both series are labelled with the season and year of bottling and both experienced some severe price gains over the last years.
Eagle Rare Spring 2015 One of the most traded Eagle Rare expressions is the Eagle Rare 17yo Spring 2015 bottling. In total, we registered 42 trades so far which saw the prices climb from 400 Euro in August 2015 to now 1.000 Euros in October 2020. An even more impressive gain in value achieved the Eagle Rare 17yo Fall 2001 release. The 120 Euros in January 2013 and the 1.300 Euros from October 2020 equal an almost 1.000% price increase over the past eight years. And these two examples are no exception, but the rule. Every Eagle Rare 17yo release is currently trading for more than 1.000 Euros. The Eagle Rare 17yo Fall 2005 just reached 1.150 Euros, so did the Eagle Rare 17yo Spring 2013. Topping all is the Eagle Rare 17yo Fall 2000 which is now selling in the range of 1.800 Euros!
Sazerac Spring 2014 And now we can repeat the same story for the Sazerac 18yo releases. The most-traded ones are the Sazerac 18yo Spring 2016 with 55 trades and the above displayed Sazerac 18yo Spring 2014 with 42 trades. Both saw their most recent price observation above 1.000 Euros. With 2.200 Euros from the latest round of auctions, the Sazerac 18yo Fall 2001 is the most expensive release tracked in our database. The first price came in at 180 Euros back in July 2013. Again we observe a similar pattern for all the Sazerac 18yo releases as they all trade for at least 1.000 Euro per bottle nowadays.

Caperdonich 1972

Another very interesting observation could be made also on this month. No less than 43 bottles of Caperdonich vintage 1972 with an age statement between 35 and 40 years were traded there. Interesting because those bottles should be quite comparable, so the only real difference is the independent bottlers they come from. Duncan Taylor accounted for 25 of these bottles, Gordon & MacPhail and The Whisky Agency both for four. The rest were issued by various other independent bottlers. So we have one auction (and hence the same audience), an array of very similar bottlings, and yet the prices vary quite significantly.
Caperdonich Vintage 1972 Two releases from The Whisky Agency achieved by far the highest prices. The Caperdonich 38yo (1972) The Perfect Dram and the Caperdonich 39yo (1982) Private Stock both reached around 2.000 Euros. Interestingly, both these releases sold for 3.700 Euros in July 2020 too! The one release from TWA which sold comparably cheap was the Caperdonich 39yo (1972) The Perfect Dram, which, in contrast to the above two cask strengths, only has an alcohol level of 45%. Also quite astonishing was the Caperdonich 35yo (1972) bottled by FOD which achieved 1.300 Euros, just like the Caperdonich 36yo (1972) Cask Strength by Gordon & MacPhail. However, the bulk of the Caperdonich 1972 vintages sold for around 800 Euros or less, as can be seen in the visualization above.
So we see quite a big range of prices from below 500 Euros to above 2.000 Euros. A certain degree of these differences can be explained by differing alcohol levels, whisky ratings and also recent auction results like we have seen for the two TWA releases above. But other than that we only see one more explainable factor, the bottler and the bottler series. Then, the only thing left is the inherent market randomness.
What about your collections? Did you recheck on the latest changes in value this round of auctions brought to your bottles?