The Whiskystats Price Update for October 2021

17. November 2021 | 2.8K Views

The October round of auctions brought strong value gains for Springbank and Yamazaki. The Highlands are the only region with an index loss while Ardnamurchan is facing the young distillery’s fate. Here is the Whiskystats Price Update for October 2021! 

Last month we identified 19 thousand different whisky bottles being traded on the auction platforms we track. We now count more than 1 million identified prices in our database which marks a new milestone that we celebrated in our recent article. We also announced that Whiskystats is now partnering with Whiskybase and that our new website will make use of the Whiskybase bottle database. But for the time being we run our own bottle database in which almost 10 thousand out of the 83 thousand bottles experienced a price change this month.

Highlands Dropout

Both the Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI) and the Fabulous Fifty Collection (Fab50) mark a new all-time peak as they climbed by 3.1% and 2.3%, respectively. The 100 historically most traded Japanese whiskies gained 2.33% in value too which brought our Japan index to 999,64 points. This is by far the highest index value we have ever recorded. As we can see from the below-displayed indices for the Scotch regions, a -1.23% index loss makes the Highlands the one and only whisky region which we see in the reds this October.
Region Indices by October 2021 While Islay and Speyside continue their battle for the top spot in this Scotch region ranking, it is Campbeltown that accounted for the highest increment. The 100 whiskies that drove our Campbeltown index experienced a 7.69% increase in price. Obviously responsible for this is the Springbank distillery with its subbrands Hazelburn and Longrow. Since June 2020 we observe strong value gains for these secondary market favorites. Over the past 16 months, our Springbank index, which includes the subbrands, won 46% and found its way into the Top 10 of our distillery index ranking.
Springbank Single Cask from 2003 To back these abstract figures with some tangible information, we want to highlight some whiskies that are responsible for these index movements. First example is the above displayed Springbank 13yo (2003) Single Cask. Until January 2020 this whisky was traded regularly for less than 200 Euros. Since then prices moved to 300 Euros and then 500 Euros to now arrive at almost 700 Euros. The Springbank 10yo 100 Proof (from the 1990s) climbed to 470 Euros after it initially traded for 58 Euros back in February 2011. Similar story for the Springbank 18yo (the old one with the blue label) which now fetched 400 Euros on average.

Young Distillery’s Fate

The Ardnamurchan distillery started production in 2014 on the identically named peninsula. This makes it not only the most westerly distillery on the Scottish mainland but also one of the youngest Scotch whisky distilleries overall. As for many of these distillery youngsters, the first releases were strongly anticipated and, of course, found their way onto the secondary market. There they realized incredible high prices for what they are, and that is very young scotch single malt whisky. At its peak, the below displayed Ardnamurchan 5yo AD/CK.335 07:15 achieved 960 Euros.
Ardnamurchan Cask 335 The other common pattern that we see for these early releases of new distilleries is that those price levels often do not last. The AD/CK.335 07:15 was traded six times last month and prices averaged to 287 Euros. In June this year the AD/12:14 CK.440 fetched 346 Euros and now dropped to around 150 Euros. Very same story for the AD/05:15 CK.181 with 210 Euros in June and 130 Euros now. This of course also affects our distillery indices which suffer huge losses from these price movements. Hence we find Ardnamurchan at the bottom of our ranking, together with the likes of Wolfburn, Bimber, Daftmill, and also Kilchomann.

Remarkable Trades

Last but not least we want to point out some more remarkable trades. Our Yamazaki distillery index gained almost 10% within only one round of auctions. Responsible for this are, among others, the Yamazaki Mizunara Cask 2012 which climbed above 5,000 Euros for the first time and both the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016 and the Yamazaki 18yo Limited Edition which reached new record prices too. The below Dalmore Cabernet Sauvignon (Haut Marbuzet Finish) was sold for 6,100 Euros (including buyer fees) at!
Dalmore 33yo 1973 There were three whiskies of which more than 100 bottles changed their owner in October 2020. With 148 identified trades it is the Macallan Concept Number 3 that leads this list. The prices ranged from 200 Euros to 400 Euros and averaged 260 Euros. It was only in July when some lots reached almost 1,000 Euros. The 119 identified trades make the Ardbeg 8yo (Committee Release) the second most “liquid” whisky of the month. It is now selling for around 100 Euros. This trio is completed by the recently released Macallan Harmony Collection (Rich Cacao) which appeared for the first time on auctions and achieved around 400 Euros on average.
Like every month, do not forget to recheck on the latest price changes of your personal whisky collection!

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