The Whiskystats Price Update for September 2018

19. October 2018 | 4.8K Views

The Black Bowmore Final Edition is bouncing around impacting our Bowmore and Fab50 indices. The overall market seems to stabilize after its mid 2018 hickup. Here is our price update for September 2018! 

In September 2018 we observed no less than 8.842 trades on the auction houses we track. These price observations affected 4.474 whiskies in our database. With 285 bottles traded Gordon & MacPhail was the most traded independent bottler. Then follow the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (171), Signatory Vintage (158) and Cadenhead (154). The most traded region was of course Speyside with 2.976 trades. The least traded single malt region were the Lowlands with only 240 trades. You can find all the stats at our Monthly Summary.

Top Trades

The most traded whisky of this month was the Yamazaki 12yo Original Bottling. This japanese single malt whisky was traded no less than 64 times. The prices paid averaged to around 132 Euros. From the price observations below we see that in the last couple of months prices went as high as 200 Euros. It seems like especially the bidders at (orange dots) drove this development.
Yamazaki 12yo by September 2018
Also a quite interesting price observation from is the Springbank 21yo bottled by Samaroli. In the past this whisky was only traded at with the last price observation coming from February 2015 for around 750 Euros. Now, in September 2018, this bottle was traded for more than 4.500 Euros which equals a 500% increase in value over a two and half year period of time!
Springbank 21yo Samaroli by September 2018
Of course we find other quite impressive value gainers among this month´s trades. There is for example the Macallan 12yo (1989) bottled by Liquid Gold. Once available for around 50 Euros this whisky is now selling for 400 Euros. And there is the Yamazaki 119.3 from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. The last time we have seen this whisky on auction was in May 2013 were it was traded for 166 Euros. This month, also at, the winning bid lay at around 1.300 Euros.

Major Index Movements

As always we of course take a look at our major market indices. There is the Whiskystats Whisky Index (WWI). This index is driven by the historically 500 most traded whiskies each month and represents our major market index. Those 500 bottles which were traded in September 2018 and which were historically seen the most traded ones increased by 1% in value. This moved our WWI to 207,34 index points which is a new all-time peak. It seems like the upward trend continues after the WWI lost significantly earlier this year.
WWI by September 2018
And then there are the Whiskystats Fabulous 50, a hand selected collection of 50 iconic single malt bottlings. Last month we announced that our Fab50 collection is worth more than 120.000 Euros for the first time ever. This month we see that the value dropped to 118.000 Euros. So what happened?
Fab50 by September 2018
On our Fab50 index site we list all the bottles that are included in this index. For these bottles we also list the latest price observations and there is one particular bottle which stands out. The Black Bowmore Final Edition was traded for 11.000 Euros this months. This would be not much of a surprise since in May it was traded also for 11.000 Euros. The thing is that in July 2018 someone paid more than 22.000 Euros! Obviously a quite extreme price observation which probably also had some decent effect on our Bowmore distillery index, but let’s have a look.

Bowmore´s Drop and Ardbeg´s Rise

When looking at our Monthly Updated Distillery Ranking we want to pick-out two interesting observations. First there is the Ardbeg distillery. Since October 2017 our Ardbeg index is on a steady rise. In September 2018 alone the historically 100 most traded Ardbeg bottlings gained around 4,6% in value. During the last twelve months the index increased by more than 45% to now stand at 214 index points. This brought Ardbeg in the Top Ten of our distillery ranking as it now resides on the 8th place.
Ardbeg and Bowmore Index by September 2018
On the other side there is Bowmore. The historically 100 most traded Bowmore bottlings lost 8,5% in value in September 2018. We already know that a big chunk of this is due to the Black Bowmore Final Edition. But that is not the only Bowmore that lost value this month. There is the Bowmore Bicentenary Release traded for 3.300 Euros which is 300 Euros less than in August. The Bowmore 28yo (1983) Feis Ile 2011 bottling lost 200 Euros in value and the Bowmore Mizunara Oak also dropped by 300 Euros.
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