The Whiskystats Price Update of October 2015

6. November 2015 | 3.5K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing secondary whisky market we enlarge our whisky database every month. In this series we analyze our monthly price updates, talk about the major price movements and highlight some particular bottles. 

In October 2015 we observed 1541 trades of scotch single malt whiskies. From the total of 12945 bottles in our database, 1063 were affected by these price changes. The average price per bottle was 270 Euros, which is less than the outstanding 311 Euros per bottle observed in September 2015. Like for the most of the last months, Ardbeg was by far the most traded distillery.
The Most Traded Bottles
Since Ardbeg was the most traded distillery, it is of no surprise that the two most traded whiskies were both distilled in this iconic islay distillery. We observed 16 trades for the Ardbeg Perpetuum Bicentenary Release, which makes it the most traded bottle of the month. The observed prices range from 190 to 275 Euros and average to 207 Euros. With 10 trades, the Ardbeg 9yo (Vintage 1998) Almost There original bottling was the second most sold bottle. The top ten are completed by five other islay single malts and only two Macallans and a Glendronach original bottling crashed this islay dominated list.
Comeback of the Month
This title belongs to the Glen Flagler 23yo (Vintage 1972) bottled by Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky. The last time we have seen this bottle was way back in August 2006! Back then it sold for 241 Euros. In October 2015, more than nine years later, this single cask whisky was traded for 660 Euros.
Newcomer of the Month
In total we added 116 new bottles to our database. Remarkable is the Bowmore 33yo (Vintage 1957) which now sold for 2530 Euros. The necessary second price observation, which it takes in order for us to display this bottle, was in April 2008 where it was sold for 741 Euros. With two trades of both 90 Euros in October 2015 we also added a Bladnoch 8yo (Vintage 2001) First Edition. In contrast to the above Bowmore this bottle lost value as it was last sold in January 2010 for 180 Euros.
The 30+ Party
We use our Value-Gainer tool to have look at the bottles which gained the most value by the October 2015 price changes. What we see is that this list seems to be age-restricted. All of these bottles matured for at least 13 years. Furthermore, the top four of this list are all older than 30 years. Part of this illustrious round are an Ardbeg 30yo (Vintage 1974) Original Bottling and a Bowmore 22yo (Vintage 1957) bottled by Moon Import. Both of these whiskies also qualify for the comeback of the month since the last time we observed these bottles was in the year of 2008.
Up and Downs of the Month
We now use our whiskystats indices, which you can find in our toolbox, to identify those parts of the market which experienced a significant increase or decrease in value. On the side of the distilleries the winner of the month is Benromach. The 17 bottles included in its index gained 3.5% value which corresponds to an index increase from 120.74 to 124.85 points. On the other side there is Convalmore. This distilleries index dropped from 236.36 to 225.18 points which means that the included 18 bottles lost 4.7% value. Another winner of the month is the campbeltown region. The corresponding index climbed by 1.5 points to now 119 points. In our article on the Most Extreme Pricechanges of Septempber 2015 we saw three bottlings of Speciality Drinks at the top of the value-gainer list. This rise came to an abrupt stop since the 40 most traded Speciality Drinks bottlings lost almost 3% of value in October 2015.
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