The Whiskystats Price Update of September 2015

3. October 2015 | 3.4K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing secondary whiskymarket we enlarge our whisky database every month. In this series we analyze our monthly price updates, talk about the major price movements and highlight some particular bottles. 

Each month thousands of scotch single malt whiskies are traded around the world, and September 2015 was no exception. To keep an overview we have implemented the Monthly Summary tool. This tool enables us to not only get a summary of the current month’s price movements but also for all the months back to January 2006. This gives us the possibility to get another view at the evolution of the secondary whiskymarket, which we will do in one of our upcoming articles. But for now, we concentrate on what happened in September 2015.
Monthly Summary
We start our summary with the most obvious figures. In September 2015 we observed 1514 priceinformations which belong to 1101 different bottles. By far the most of these traded whiskies (675) were distilled in an islay distillery. Not to our surprise, the second and third most traded scotch-regions are Speyside (380) and the Highlands (243), as we have already figured out that these are the major scotch-whisky regions. Consequently the most traded distilleries are Ardbeg, Port Ellen and Bruichladdich, which all reside on Islay. If we disregard the original bottlings, Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co., Gordon & MacPhail and Douglas Laing & Co. were the most traded bottlers of September 2015.
The Most Wanted
We will now move our attention to single bottles. With eleven observed prices, the Littlemill 12yo Lowland Single Malt was the most traded bottle of September 2015. These eleven prices averaged to a value of 80 Euros, which meant that compared to the previous months of June, July and August, where this bottle sold for more than 90 Euros, the price dropped slightly. The most traded islay bottle was the Ardbeg 10yo Renaissance (Vintage 1998) of which 9 bottles changed owners. With an average of 144 Euros this bottle lost value too, especially when compared to the summer months of May, June and July, where it was traded for more than 175 Euros.
A small Setback of the Market
If we look at the Whiskystats Region Indices, we notice that all of them lost a view points. Since these drops are all in the range of a view points, this should not worry us to much. A look in the past tells us that some of these indices dropped for more than ten points only to rise even faster in the subsequent months.
Comeback of the Month
One special observation of this months auctions is the Lochside 23yo Authentic Collection (Vintage 1981) bottled by Wm. Cadenhead. The last time we have seen one of these bottles was back in October 2006 where it was sold for 135 Euros. In September 2015 this bottle was traded for more than 290 Euros, which earned it the title of “Comebacker of the Month”.