The Whiskystats Price Update for April 2016

5. May 2016 | 5.3K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

You can now find the latest auction results in our whisky database. It was a relative quiet auction month. The Highland Park Ice Edition made its appearance on Whiskystats. Teaninich is the winner of our monthly distillery ranking. 

In this round of auctions we only observed 2.876 trades. This is considerably less than in the previous months. The average price per bottles was 285 Euros, which is by way of comparison also a relatively small value. Our whiskystats whisky index ended its climb which it started in September 2015. The 300 most traded whiskies, which form this index, lost 1,6% in value over the last month.
Macallan and Speyside
At this point, we usually state that Ardbeg was the most traded distillery and Islay the most traded whisky region. In this month though, Macallan and Speyside took this crown and it wasn’t even close. With 279 trades, Macallan left Ardbeg behind by more than 80 trades. In total we observed 920 whiskies from Speyside that changed their owner. This leaves Islay behind by more than 200 bottles. Also the top 10 of the most traded whiskies (which you can find in our monthly summary) are dominated by Macallan. The Macallan 18yo (1997) is with 33 trades the single most traded whisky of the month. Since December 2015, prices for this original Macallan expression seem to be pretty stable at around 230 Euros. The second most traded bottle is the Macallan 18yo Fine Oak. It seems like prices for this bottle settled between 140 and 180 Euros.
Value Gainer
Who would have thought that a Hanyu whisky could be the top value gainer of the month. Although this time it is no expression of the playing card series, it is yet again this japanese distillery which claims the title. Prices for the Hanyu 19yo (1990) from Cask 9305 climbed by 360% since December 2013. On the second place follows the Comeback of the Month
As every month we look out for those bottles which we haven’t seen the longest on any auction. In this month, this was the Laphroaig 12yo (1984) Authentic Collection from Wm. Cadenhead. There are only two price observation for this bottle in our whisky database, both come from The first one is 265 Euros from back in July 2007. Over the past nine years prices for this bottle apparently stayed pretty stable. 304 Euros were paid in this month´s auction.
Newcomer of the Month
177 whiskies were added to our database. We here pick out some of the most outstanding newcomers of this month. There is, for example, the Glenfarclas 49yo (1958) The Family Casks. The first price observation we made comes from November 2013 for 1.000 Euros. The latest price observation now comes from April 2016 for 2.000 Euros. Seems like the friends of this whisky appreciate even numbers. At the previous round of auctions (March 2016) we made the first price observation of the Highland Park Ice Edition. This expression reasoned many controversial discussions about modern day whisky branding. The first of the very limited 30.000 bottles changed its owner for 564 Euros at In this month, six other bottles came on auction. The prices that had to be paid varied between 301 and 375 Euros and averaged to 342 Euros. Seems like the hype cooled down a little bit.
Distillery Ranking
In the top ten of our distillery ranking Yoichi and Macallan swapped places. While Macallan was by far the most traded distillery of this month, the value of its 100 most traded whiskies went down by 1,2%. Out of the top ten, Miyagikyo lost the most ground since its index went down by 2,1%. Up by eight places climbed Teaninich, which now takes the 73rd place in our listing. The most places down the list fell Auchroisk. The 20 included bottles lost more than 9% in value. The top performing distillery is Glenugie. The 27 bottles included in this distillerie´s index gained more than 4% in value.
Whether you were a buyer, a seller or just an observer, we hope that this latest round of auctions was successful for you. Do not forget to check the price evolution of your personal collection.