The Whiskystats Price Update for March 2016

10. April 2016 | 5.3K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

Yet another month of the year 2016 went by. And while temperatures rise, the birds start to sing and also the last bear awoke from hibernation, another round of whisky auctions went by. Here is your update for March 2016! 

A total of 3.634 new price observations found their way into our whisky database. These prices belong to 2.163 different whiskies. Our whiskystats whisky index, which represents the value of the 300 most traded whiskies, continues its high altitute flight and now stands at 271.47 points. The 300 most traded whiskies are as valuable as they have never been before!
The Usual (Highly Traded) Suspects
The three most traded bottles of this round of auctions are again the Yamazaki Limited Edition 2015, the Macallan 18yo (1997) and the Ardbeg Perpetuum Bicentenary Release. The prices for all of these three whiskies pretty much stayed at the levels at which they were in the last couple of months. Gordon & MacPhail grabs the title of the most traded independent bottler of this month. Douglas Laing & Co. only missed the podium by 15 trades. Ardbeg and Macallan continue to be the most traded distilleries.
Value Gainer
Yet another card of the Hanyu Playing Card series gave its whisky auction comeback. The Jack of Diamonds, which was last sold in May 2012 for 349 Euros, is the highest value gainer of this month since 3.893 Euros have been paid for it. On the second place follows the Pittyvaich Flora & Fauna (1st Edition) which gained 328% in value since August 2013. You can recognize a 1st Edition Flora & Fauna bottling by its white cap, which is apparantly more preferable than the black one of the standard edition. 1.015 Euros have been paid for the 1st Edition, while its black-capped brother was sold for a modest 169 Euros. You can find the top 10 of this months value gainer here.
Back to Reality
One of the last months top value gainer was the Glendullan 12yo Flora & Fauna. 385 Euros have been paid in February 2016 for this bottle which usually sells for around 100 Euros. That price observation left us puzzled in our last months price update. Without surprise, this price level wasn’t confirmed by these months results. Another bottle was now sold for a little more than 100 Euros. In a similar category falls the Macallan 18yo (1966) Giovinetti & Figli Import. Prices for this bottle went up from 845 Euros in July 2014 to 2.117 Euros in February 2016. Surprisingly, in this month the price went back to its initial level as the winning bid was 889 Euros. This equals a -58% change in value over a single month.
Distillery Ranking
Our monthly updated distillery ranking allows us to compare the secondary market price movements of currently 127 different distilleries. At the top of this list are unsurprisingly the two japanese hype distilleries of Hanyu and Karuizawa. In this month though, both of these distilleries indices slightly lost ground (-1,5% for Hanyu and -2.9% for Karuizawa). The distillery which climbed up the list furthest is Imperial. The 22 included bottles gained 5% in value which made Imperial jump from place 61 to 51. Twelve places down the list went Glendullan. After a plus of 7,6% last month, this distillerie´s index lost 6,6% in this month. At the bottom of our ranking remains Kilchoman. With 79,9 points it is the only distillery with less than 100 points. The 98 bottles lost 20% in value over the last six years.
Comeback of the Month
This title belongs to the Caol Ila 23yo (1974) bottled by Signatory Vintage. In total, there are only 192 bottles of this whisky. Since it was bottled almost 20 years ago, it is of no surprise that only few of these bottles ever made it to an auction. Consequently we only find two price observations in our database. The first one comes from November 2005 where 85 Euros were paid. Now, more than 10 years later, another one of these rare bottles was traded. The 342 Euros paid equal a 200% increase in value over ten years or around 11,5% annually.
Newcomer of the Month
For 213 whiskies this months results brought the second price observation. Hence these whiskies were added to our database. Among these newcomers is the Linkwood 29yo (1973) bottled by Murray McDavid. The price of this whisky quadrupled over the last four years, which makes it the top value gainer under this months newcomer. Another honorable mention of this list is the Bowmore Octave 29yo (1982) from Duncan Taylor. Over a time period of two and a half years the prices of this whisky went up by 190% and now stand at around 400 Euros. On the other side of this list is the Glen Rothes Vintage Cask #9 17yo (1998). Only two months ago, in January 2016, 453 Euros have been paid for this whisky. The two price observations of this month are 92 Euros ( and 140 Euros (
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