The Whiskystats Price Update for May 2016

10. June 2016 | 4.7K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

The results of the latest whisky auctions can now be found in our database. Macallan lost its crown of the most traded distillery. The prices of the recent Ardbeg Dark Cove Committee Release can now be tracked on Whiskystats. 

We made 3.596 price observations in the last month, which is above the 12 month average. Almost 2.200 whiskies were affected by these observations. With 291 Euros, the average price per bottle is again below 300 Euros. Our whiskystats whisky index didn’t bother much and staid almost at the exact same level at around 266 points as it was before. It seems like the small six month rally, which started in September 2015 and saw the prices of the 300 most traded whiskies climb by 7,6%, has truly ended in March 2016.The small WWI price rally 
Ardbeg back on Top
Last month´s auction results were remarkable since Macallan was the most traded distillery and Speyside the most traded region. This was special since usually these titles belong to Ardbeg and Islay, respectively. In May, things went back to “normal” and Ardbeg and Islay saw the most trades. On the other hand, the most traded whisky is again the Macallan 18yo (1997) with 33 observed trades. We can again confirm that the prices for this whisky stabilised at around 230 Euros. Macallan 18yo 1997 It is interesting to see that it seems like the prices paid at (yellow) are almost always above their (brownish) counterparts. In terms of the number of trades in this month, the three places behind this Macallan all belong to Ardbeg bottlings. The heavily traded Ardbeg Galileo saw its 601st price observation since its appearance back in September 2012. This 601 trades spread across 45 different months. Ardbeg GalileoThe Ardbeg Perpetuum Bicentenary Release was traded 19 times this month. This makes it the fourth most traded whisky. Prices for this Ardbeg expression are on a steady decline and now reached a new all time low at 161 Euros. Also among these most traded whiskies was a newcomer which was released on the primary market only three months ago, the Ardbeg Dark Cove.
Ardbeg Dark Cove
The Dark Cove is the latest expression of the annually released and super hyped Ardbeg Committee Releases. This releases are reserved for members of the Ardbeg Committee only, which adds another layer of rarity. Those members were “allowed” to buy one of these bottles for 81 Euros. The first prices observed on the secondary market in April 2016 ranged from 202 to a staggering 355 Euros. A month later, things have calmed down slightly since the latest 23 price observations only range from 198 to 226 Euros, which is still almost 150% above the issuing price.
Top Value Gainer
The top value gainer of this month is the Highland Park 10yo (1988) Authentic Collection bottled by Wm. Cadenhead. In total we only have two prices for this bottle. Back in January 2013 one bottle was sold for 79 Euros and now another (or the same) bottle was sold for 451 Euros. This equals a 470% increase in price over a three and half year period. Another remarkable value gainer is the Jura 21yo original bottling. This whisky experienced its secondary market all time low back in January 2015 with 59 Euros after prices climbed as far as 150 Euros in August 2013. Now, the latest round of auctions saw one of these bottles selling for 255 Euros.
Bottom Value Losers
Where there is light there is a shadow. While a Highland Park bottling was the top value gainer of this month, another Highland Park bottling takes over the bottom value loser role. For the Highland Park 16yo (1994) original bottling we have two price observation. One comes from March 2016 with 366 Euros. The other one from May 2016 with 135 Euros means that this whisky lost around 70% in value within a couple of months. Another value loser is the Ardbeg 15yo (1991) Natural Cask Strength. The highest price observation for this whisky comes from March 2015 and was 449 Euros. Now, in May 2016, only 180 Euros have been paid. One has to mention that this latest price observation is on the same level as the prices were before the March 2015 peak. So it seems like the 449 Euros were an extreme outlier.
Distillery Ranking
The monthly updated whiskystats distillery ranking gives us a nice overview on some general market movements. While there was no change in positioning within the top distilleries, both Hanyu and Karuizawa indices lost slightly. Rosebank pushed Convalmore out of the top ten distilleries. The whiskystats top distillery of the month is Chichibu. This japanese distillery climbed 11 places in our ranking and resides on place 80 out of 128 now. The 25 bottles included in the Glen Ord index lost more than 8% in value within a single month. Consequently, Glend Ord fell down the list by 18 places and now only takes place 52.
Comeback and Newcomer
The comeback of the month is the Laphroaig 9yp (1987) Cask 9492 bottled by Murray McDavid. Until now, we only had two price observations from March and August 2006. More than ten years later another one of these bottles popped up on a whisky auction and was now sold for around 107 Euros. We also added 226 new whiskies to our whisky database this month. Among those is the Aberfeldy 20yo (1994) Cask 6978 original bottling. The first price comes from March 2016 with 155 Euros. The second price observation now was 438 Euros! Quite an astonishing change when considering that there are only two months in between those trades.
So this was the traditional whiskystats round-up of the latest whisky auction results. Oh, and don’t forget to check the price changes of your personal collection!