The Whiskystats Price Update for October 2016

15. November 2016 | 2.7K Views
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

We are heading towards that time of the year in which the secondary whisky market is the most active. Some Feis Ile bottlings dominated this round of auctions in terms of traded bottles, while a 12yo Speyburn continues to achieve astonishing prices. 

No less than 4.815 price observations were added this month. They affected 2.767 different whiskies in our database. Islay and Speyside accounted for 60% of the observed trades. The overall price trend stabilized after our Whiskystats Whisky Index climbed by 10% from April to August. We also added another 282 whiskies to our database.
Comeback of the Month
This month´s auction comebacker is the Bunnahabhain 25yo (1979) Authentic Collection bottled by Cadenhead. There exist only 234 bottles of this whisky. One of them was sold on auctions back in June 2006 for 80 Euros. More than ten years later another bottle got traded. This time for 184 Euros. Maybe the next chance to buy one of the remaining bottles will be in ten years time.
New on Whiskystats
Let´s have a look at some of those bottles which are new in our database. There is for example the Oban 32yo (1969) original bottling. Last month 956 Euros were paid for one the 6.000 bottles. This month the winning bid climbed to 1.111 Euros. Another story tells the Glenmorangie 13yo (1991). While in August 2016 almost 500 Euros were paid for this whisky, now in October 2016 the price dropped by more than 50% to little more than 200 Euros. The Bowmore 17yo (1998) Stillmen´s Reserve experienced a similar but not so drastic price drop within one month only. In September the two price observations averaged to 246 Euros. In October we observed eleven trades which prices varied from 160 to 185 Euros only and averaged to around 175 Euros.
Most Traded
When we have a look at our monthly summary, we see that four out of the ten most traded whiskies of October 2016 are Feis Ile bottlings. They even come from the four consecutive years of 2013 up to 2016. We observed 14 trades for both the Ardbeg Ardbog Feis Ile 2013 and the Ardbeg Perpetuum Feis Ile 2015. With fifteen traded bottles the Ardbeg Auriverdes Feis Ile 2014 completes this Ardbeg trilogy. All of these three Ardbegs show a very similar stable if not slightly decreasing price pattern.
The 25 price observation make the Lagavulin 18yo Feis Ile 2016 the overall second most traded single malt whisky of this month. When looking at the price history of this bottling, it is very interesting to observe the difference between the prices paid at (WA, yellow dots) and (SWA, red dots). While in August 2016 the prices at SWA varied from 260 to 280 Euros at WA 350 to 400 Euros were paid for this Lagavulin bottling. Similar patterns hold for September and October 2016 while it looks like the price differences between the two auction houses shrinks.
Lagavulin Feis Ile 2016 The overall most traded whisky of this month was the Macallan 18yo (1996) Sherry Oak. In total 31 bottles of this whisky were traded in the last month.
Speyburn Flora & Fauna
The Speyburn 12yo Flora & Fauna shows a truly astonishing price history. The first observations come from December 2005 where this whisky was sold for a humble 145 Euros. Over the three following years prices climbed to around 600 Euros in September 2008. After that, the price level seemed fairly constant until the end of 2013. There the prices broke through the 1.000 Euro threshold. In 2016 we saw three of these bottles traded. The first one in January for 1.500 Euros. The second one in July for 1.400 Euro. And now, in October 2016, one bottle was traded for 1.900 Euros.
Speyburn Flora & Fauna Prices for this 12-year-old Speyside single malt climbed by 1.800% over the last decade. This is an almost japanese-boom-like price behaviour.
As always, since we added new price observations, do not forget to check the changes of your personal collections.