We do Blends

22. February 2019 | 952 Views

Blended whiskies like Hibiki, Compass Box and Johnnie Walker are now tracked by Whiskystats. The secondary market for these brands is growing strongly too. Here is our introduction of blends! 

MonthlyUpdate_036 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for January 2019

12. February 2019 | 902 Views | 3 Postings

The Whiskystats Whisky Index is still under pressure. Islay bottlings overtake Speyside and the Top 10 whisky distilleries move closer together. Here is our price update for January 2019!

MonthlyUpdate_035 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for December 2018

18. January 2019 | 1K Views

Another very busy round of auctions went by. Our Fabulous Fifty continue to consolidate in value after their Summer 2018 rush. A North Port bottling is the top value gainer of the month. Here is our Price Update for December 2018!


Three Years of Whiskystats

30. December 2018 | 1K Views | 2 Postings

It has been more than three years now since our whisky database went online for the first time. And like whisky itself, Whiskystats continues to mature over time. Here is a small recap of the current state and what is about to come! 

MonthlyUpdate_034 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for November 2018

18. December 2018 | 1.8K Views

For the first time in Whiskystats history we observed more than 12.000 bottles of whisky traded within a single month! Seems like the prices suffered from this vast quantity of offerings though. Especially our Macallan index continues to lose ground. 


We do Bourbons (and some Rye)

7. December 2018 | 1.9K Views

We finally reach across the big pond as we now start tracking secondary market prices for Bourbon whiskeys. The number of trades is steadily increasing while prices not always did. Here is our introduction of Bourbons (and some Rye)!