The Whiskystats Price Update for May 2019

13. June 2019 | 1.4K Views

Pushed by Ardbeg and Bowmore the whisky region of Islay continues its strong performance. Our major market index reaches a new all-time peak too. Meanwhile Yamazaki and Game of Thrones dominate the list of the most traded whiskies of the month. 

wpm_examples MARKET ANALYSIS

Whisky Pricing Examples

28. May 2019 | 1.1K Views

Our whisky pricing tool enables us to put a market conform price tag on any bottle of scotch single malt whisky. With this information we can now evaluate the latest round of auctions and find out which whiskies are currently over- or underprized. 

MonthlyUpdate_039 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for April 2019

21. May 2019 | 930 Views

The top five distlleries are losing ground since those distilleries in the hunt are closing up. Islay whiskies are showing strong performance while the rise of Campbeltown releases came to an hault. Here it is, the price update for April 2019! 


The Whisky Pricing Machine

4. May 2019 | 1.1K Views | 3 Comments

There is no question about it, it is the market that defines the prices. As the major market observer we now translate market data back into price estimations. We are proud to introduce to you the Whiskystats Whisky Pricing Machine! 

MonthlyUpdate_038 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for March 2019

12. April 2019 | 1.2K Views

Game of Thrones is dominating the secondary whisky market. The television series themed releases are flooding the auction platforms with never before seen number of trades. Meanwhile prices for japanese single malts soar up, again. 


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2018 (II/II)

25. March 2019 | 2.2K Views

Japan was again the top-performing whisky region on the secondary market. Prices for Port Ellen stood still while the Macallan price rally came to a full stop. Here is the second part of our round-up for the year that was.