The Whiskystats Portrait of Cadenhead

28. June 2016 | 1.6K Views

In this iteration of our portraits series we take on the oldest independent scottish bottler. Cadenhead was founded back in 1842, but it’s not only the long history which makes it worth having a closer look at the Cadenhead bottlings circulating on the secondary market. 

Original-vs-Independent MARKET ANALYSIS

Original versus Independent Bottlings

20. June 2016 | 2.1K Views

This time we have a closer look at the bottlers of our precious single malts. In particular we want to compare independent bottlings and those which were originally bottled by the distillery itself. Does the bottler affect the secondary whisky market prices? 

Whiskystats-Update-05-2016 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for May 2016

10. June 2016 | 2.2K Views

The results of the latest whisky auctions can now be found in our database. Macallan lost its crown of the most traded distillery. The prices of the recent Ardbeg Dark Cove Committee Release can now be tracked on Whiskystats. 


Bowmore and the French Perfume

4. June 2016 | 2.3K Views

In our recent Bowmore Portrait we dropped the hashtag #fwp as a reference to one of the many interesting stories that could be told from this distilleries history. To clarify things, we want to explain what is hidden behind fwp. 

Whiskystats-Bowmore PORTRAITS

The Whiskystats Portrait of Bowmore

26. May 2016 | 2.3K Views

We take a closer look at Bowmore, one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland. We, of course, focus on the secondary market performances of this distillerieĀ“s products and point out some remarkable single malt whiskies. 

unlimited-editions MARKET ANALYSIS

The Most Unlimited Limited Editions

15. May 2016 | 3K Views | 2 Postings

We take a closer look at limited editions. What does it really mean? How many bottles of a “limited” edition whisky can there be? Does the number of existing bottles affect the price? Many questions, and we sure found some answers.