The Insidership Free Trial

4. April 2020 | 2K Views

We are in the process of launching the Whiskystats Insidership. You can now experience this premium membership level 30 days free of charge. Use the full potential of our database and let us know what you think about being an Insider! 

most_collected MARKET ANALYSIS

The Most Collected Whiskies

27. March 2020 | 8K Views

In this article we count down the ten most collected whiskies on Whiskystats. You won’t believe which releases made it to the top! Or maybe you do, because some of them are quite obvious. 

MonthlyUpdate_049 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for February 2020

18. March 2020 | 2.9K Views

After six months of decline, prices for rare and collectable scotch single malt whisky soar up again. At the same time, the Macallan Archival Folio 5 is flooding the auction platforms. Here is our Price Update for February 2020! 


Whisky Database Milestone

15. March 2020 | 2.4K Views

With the latest database update we now count more than 60 thousand bottles of whisky in our database. Together with the almost 700 thousand price observations this data enables you and us to draw a detailed picture of the secondary whisky market like no else. 


The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2019 (II/II)

28. February 2020 | 3.6K Views

The second half of 2019 saw many segments of the secondary whisky market struggling. Hanyu is dominating the scene while Japanese whiskies continue to outperform their Scottish counterparts. Here is the second part of our Whiskystats Annual Report of 2019! 

MonthlyUpdate_048 MONTHLY UPDATE

The Whiskystats Price Update for January 2020

14. February 2020 | 3.1K Views

Hanyu and Karuizawa swap places, again. Our Islay index gained strongly while Speyside keeps struggling and some old Springbanks reappeared on the market. Here is our first Price Update of the decade!