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The Whiskystats Project was, is and shall remain independent. For this purpose, the most crucial point is of course financing the hosting costs and working hours. If you want to support me, I have the following suggestions for you.

Spread the Word
Tell your friends and whisky colleagues about Whiskystats. If you like the articles, share them on your social media accounts, forums or email them to persons who might be interested.
Financial Aid
If you want to support me with a small donation, you can use the donation-form for one-time payments via PayPal or credit card. For (highly appreciated) recurring payments please contact me directly and I will send you my account details.
If you want to go shopping on Amazon and you use the below link, Whiskystats gets paid a provision. So there are no additional costs for you!

Hint: Bookmark the above link and use it for all of your future Amazon-shopping. This will help a lot!
Note: There are, of course, good reasons not to use Amazon at all. But if you do it anyway, use the chance to support Whiskystats!

Thank You!