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6. August 2017 | 2.1K Views | 1 Comment
Please note that this article is based on the old Whiskystats database.
Some numbers and figures may not match what you find in the Whiskystats 2.0 database.

We plan to further improve the Whiskystats experience. For this we have plenty of ideas but only limited amount of time for implementation. This is why we let you decide what the next Whiskystats feature should be! 

For the next update on the Whiskystats project we have two options for which we already laid out the technical requirements. The question remaining is which of those to tackle first. Below you will find short descriptions on the two updates we plan. At some point in the future both of these new features will be available on Whiskystats. But it is your decision on which of these we shall focus on first.
Option 1: Whisky Images
If you stroll through our whisky database you find more than 20.000 different single malt whiskies. For all of these whiskies we provide you with their historic auction results from the auctioneers we track. What you won’t find are how these bottles look like, i.e. we do not have any images in our database at the moment. That is what we want to change.
We plan to offer you the possibility to upload images to each and every bottle in our database. These uploads will be reviewed by either us or some selected Whiskystats users. With this, identification of the whiskies will be easier and our database will be more visually appealing.
Option 2: Bourbon, Blends & More
At the moment we track the auction results of scotch and japanese single malt whiskies. The reason for this is that traditionally these were the most collectable whiskies. But time changes and we notice lots of other types of whiskies being traded on the secondary market on a regular basis. There are severall brands of blends which seem to be highly appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs alike. And there are of course some brands of bourbon or asian whiskies which have to be adressed here at some point.
So the second option we could focus our development efforts on would be an extension of our whisky database. We plan to also track some selected brands of bourbon whiskies, blends and some asian whiskies too.
The Poll
Now it is on you to tell us which of the above two features you would prefer. The poll will be open until the 15th of August 2017. Every registered Whiskystats Member (sign-up for free if you haven’t already) has one vote.
The poll ended on the 15th of August 2017.
68,4% of the Whiskystats Members opted for Option 1, the Whisky Images.
Thanks for voting!



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    I think expanding the database would be great, but having images will definitely improve the appeal of the site to new (and current) users who are perhaps unsure of which bottle they have without the help of a picture. With time I’m sure the database will be expanded anyway as the site gets more users.

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