The Whiskystats Roadmap

21. August 2020 | 1.6K Views

To better communicate on what we currently work on and what the next updates to Whiskystats will bring, we set up a public roadmap for our project. Tell us which ideas you like and help us improve the others.  

We constantly push the Whiskystats project forward. Over the years we added more auctioneers and whisky types to our database, improved the data quality, created a whisky pricing machine, added the premium Insidership and much more. And we certainly do not plan to stop here!
While longterm plans are plenty and ambitious, we wanted to give you more transparency on what will happen in the near future. That is why we created the Whiskystats Roadmap and hereby invite you to take a look and participate in the future of our project:

The Whiskystats Roadmap

Note that you will always find the link to our Roadmap on the right hand side menu or the submenu on top.

Shape the Future

The Roadmap is a Trello dashboard parted into three main sections. One for the features we currently work on, one for confirmed features that we plan to implement soon and one for suggested features. Hence, you can see at one glance what will be available soon and what you can expect over the upcoming months. If you want to suggest an idea yourself, simply contact us directly at!
Trello Whiskystats Dashboard The suggested features are ideas which Whiskystats users proposed. We want to use the Roadmap to collect your feedback on these ideas. You can comment and vote for each feature if you like it. We will try to prioritize the suggestions based on these votes. Note that for commenting and voting you need to create a Trello account first.
We hope that the Roadmap will add more transparency to our project and helps us implement the features you actually want!